February 15, 2012

A Little Romance

Cropped jacket - H&M, Dress - F21, Belt - ModCloth
First off, I have to apologize for the quality of these photos. I hate taking photos at night because they turn out like this. The shadow in the background is giving me this weird blurry, double-vision thing that is less than desirable, but I wanted to do a quick post of what I wore to Valentines' Day dinner.

I wanted to go girly (thus, the pink) but not over-the-top, since Valentines' Day is already such an over-the-top holiday. So, I opted to go simple, pairing black with this nonfussy dress and adding an adorable leather bow belt that I've been dying to wear. I also liked trying the opaque tights + hidden platform pumps look that I've seen other girls rocking. It truly elongates your legs, which is always a plus when you're a shorty like me. As you can see below, dinner was amazingly delicious, and it was just so nice to take a night off from unpacking and settling into the new place to relax and enjoy some romance. And by romance, I am referring to the love between me and my meal last night. Just kidding. (Not kidding).

Boyfriend ended the night by giving me my very own, monogrammed, Egyptian cotton hotel robe (because he knows how excited I get when hotels give you robes). Now I can pretend I'm vacationing even when I'm at home. I hope he's ready to provide room service and housekeeping. Hope you all had a great night too!

And as you probably expected...here comes the food porn. Our meal was DELICIOUS.

Jalapeno skillet cornbread, my fave!

Roasted organic chicken and Spanish rice.

I'm a sucker for grilled corn. This corn was grilled with chili butter. Swoon.
Bocce Ball cocktail - vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice, and yummy goodness

Fresh strawberry shortcake


Catherine said...

I'll take that dessert and two of those cocktails please. And your outfit.

LOVE the black and pink. It's such a classy way to dress for Valentine's. We decided to stay in and go out this weekend, and now I'm kind of regretting that - dinner would have been fun last night!

KK said...

@catherine Aw, thanks, hun! I'm glad you liked the outfit...it was hard for me to just pair a color with black (I always want to incorporate so many colors in my outfits!) but I'm glad it turned out. And kudos to you for staying in...I was SO tired by the end of the night!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love the outfit! F21 has had so many cute, simply dresses in stock lately (which I have been buying way too many of!) and I love you how you styled it. That bow beelt is adorable too. :]]]


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