February 24, 2012

My Mobile Life

(from left to right) GREAT fortune from my fave Chinese restaurant * What my pup does all day long, stare out the window and people watch * YUMMY green onion, ham, and cheese "egglets" that I made after getting inspiration from my friend Annie at The Shiny Life * My pup, fresh from the groomer * Perfect rose that bloomed from my Vday bouquet * Flowers the Boyfriend had delivered to my office to brighten up my desk * Hand spun cotton candy served at a restaurant we went to for Chinese New Year dinner * The scoreboard at the AT&T Pro-Am golf tournament at Pebble Beach golf course in Monterey, CA * Windy but gorgeous day at Pebble Beach * Aside from staring at celebrities like Tiger Woods, Chris O'Donnell, Josh Duhamel, and Bill Murray, I spent my time being impressed with the gorgeous views of the course at Pebble Beach * Winning free burgers at an NBA game * The most delicious banana cream pie I've ever had * My empty apartment on my last day there * Nothing better after a day of strenuous moving than some hot pho * Patent leather nude flats, finally! * My fave sushi dish - pepperfin tuna carpaccio in jalapeno ponzu sauce * A cold and dreary winter morning that looked like something out of a horror flick * My pup and I sometimes spoon * Navy and orange - my fave color combo! * Rocking leopard heels to work * The most delicious reuben sandwich at Capriotti's in Beverly Hills * It's Its are the greatest invention * A new warm knit scarf muffler that I love * Boyfriend and I order hot chocolate and an Arnold Palmer at a comedy club with a two-drink minimum because we are weird like that.
I swear these days, I feel like my life is one big blur. Between the move, all of the various social events that seem to not stop, and the huge pile of work that I had to take on because my co-worker resigned suddenly, I feel like I blink and two weeks have gone by. And not in a good way! Thank goodness for my trusty iPhone, which gives me the chance to record some of my fave moments (yes, and most involve food!) and reminds me of the fun I've had, even if I can't remember it all with all the hectic jumble of thoughts that seem to have taken up permanent resident in my brain.

This weekend is going to be a busy one (again!), but I'm going to try really hard to carve out some "me" time. I've realized that the old adage of "take time to stop and smell the roses" is truly good advice that I plan to take this weekend. Although, in my case, it will probably stopping to smell the cupcakes ... or some gourmet cheese... or maybe a new pair of shoes. What, you don't smell your new shoes?

Have a great weekend!
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