May 18, 2012


Shirt - Chantell on Melrose, Shoes - Zara, Watch - FrockCandy
A thousand apologies for being a bad blogger this week. Work has been keeping me jumping, which is actually not easy to do in boring, binding corporate clothes. But nothing serves to make a harrowing work week a little better than a pair of some kickass amazing heels, and these Zara heels totally fit the bill. Aren't they amazeballs? I love the colorblocking, the muted orange color, the sexy heel, and the delicate ankle straps. And yes, I have the same ones in black, but they are totally different. No, really...they are!

I know it would be a no-brainer to rock these heels with a sleek skirt or dress, but I wanted to see what it could do for a basically plain, otherwise casual look. I was not disappointed. It adds such POW to this fairly boring outfit, doesn't it? I wish I could put little "Pow!" "Krunch!" "Bam!" comicbook conversation bubbles on these pictures like they used to have on the old, old Batman television series. Because in these heels, I could definitely kick some henchmen booty.

Have a great weekend, peeps! XO


Elaine said...

Cute! Love those shoes and those jeans are so hot on you!

Joy Shana said...

Love ur jeans,cute outfit

LadyLo said...

LOVE the shoes with the orange - great buy!! xxLL

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