May 8, 2012

Spring Into Mint

Top - H&M (old), Skirt - F21, Earrings - Jewelry Designer
Now that spring is here, I seem to be ready to jump onto the mint-colored trend that is just popping up everywhere. There's something so very refreshing and sweet about it, and it probably helps that it makes me think immediately about mint chip ice cream (one of my faves). Yep, any clothing or body product that makes me think of dessert will grab my attention. Call a color mint or toffee or mocha or red velvet, and it will be so much more appealing to me than green, brown, or red. I'm such a sucker for clever marketing. If you can sneak the word "cupcake" or "whipped cream" into the description of anything (body wash, clothes, perfume), it will be coming home with me. Well played, advertising world. Well played.

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Anonymous said...

so classic!


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