March 22, 2013

50 Shades of Mint

Top - F21, Necklace - Banana Republic, Jeans - JBrand
I warned you that I am a bit mint obsessed, and you can see that I was not lying. Three mint posts in two weeks! I make myself feel better by telling myself that it's OK to buy so much mint because everything I buy is a different "shade" of mint. My very own 50 Shades of Mint, if you will. (OK, not quite 50 yet, but give me time.) 50 Shades of Mint would have been just as exciting as 50 Shades of Grey, don't you think? It would be just like 50 Shades of Grey, except without the crazy. And without the raciness. And without the royalties and movie deal. And my book would actually be about the color mint. Yeah, OK, so maybe not quite as exciting.

What are all you lovelies up to this weekend? I'm part of an organization that hosts an annual youth conference, so I'm spending the weekend with amazing young people who make me feel amazingly, amazingly OLD. Remember, these kids were born in the late 1990s. This means they probably don't know there was an original "Beverly Hills 90210" before "90210" and they definitely don't know that the new Pitbull/Christina Aguilera song "Feel this Moment" uses the hook from the 80s classic "Take on Me" by A-Ha. Last year, I was traumatized when we played "All My Life" by K-Ci and JoJo and the kids looked at each other and said, "What song is this?" I almost cried.

Cheers to feeling younger (most of the time) than I actually am...have a great weekend, y'all!  

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