March 26, 2013

Pink Hues

Dress - H&M, Shoes - CJ
I've started joking with people that the Boyfriend and I are ready to become professional wedding guests. I swear we attend six or seven weddings a year, and yet, they never get old for me. Each one is so different and unique and full of such personal details, that it's always such a joy to be invited to another one. We attended an absolutely gorgeous one in San Francisco recently where the extra special details just blew me away. We rode private trolley cars up and down the streets of the city, shuttling us from the AMAZING Grace Cathedral where the ceremony occurred to the St. Regis hotel where the reception was held. The Grace Cathedral made me feel like I was at the wedding of Kate Middleton and the trolley cars was such a fun and special touch. The wedding reception itself was elegant and full of orchids and hydrangeas (my favorite flower!), and the couple even had cookies made in the shape of their beloved pup as favors for each of the guests. 

For weddings, I tend to cater my outfit to the venue of the wedding. This wedding was going to occur in a fancy hotel and at a church, so I wanted to make sure my shoulders and knees were covered. I love this little colorblock number I found on the clearance rack at H&M for $20! In fact, it took me longer to dress the Boyfriend because I was trying to find him a tie that would coordinate with my own outfit. (Yup, he loves to (i.e. I make him) coordinate on fancy days). 

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