March 6, 2013

Loud and Proud

Sweater - F21, Scarf - Nordstrom (Gifted), Tank - Target, Boots -
Way back when, I remember saying that I was afraid to try the neon trend because I had actually worn neon in the 1980s and felt like wearing a trend on the next go around meant you were too old for it. I'm here to admit that I can say I'm wrong when I'm wrong. I absolutely ADORE neon and can't seem to wear it enough these days. I actually have to stop myself from buying more neon because I'm reaching the point where I have enough. (Don't tell Boyfriend that since I always insist that "I have enough" is not a phrase in my vocab when it comes to shopping). 

I love how adding neon to this neutral palette (yes, I consider leopard a neutral) gives the outfit a much needed pop of loud color. I also love how the neon and leopard look together. Crazy isn't it? I would have thought that animal print + neon would make me look like some wild back up dancer for LMFAO, but I actually love how the look turned out. I'm planning to rock this combo again in different ways come spring. If it gets too wild, you let me know and I guess I can still try to get on that LMFAO tour. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like the way you do color pops! I'm a fan of that style myself!

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