April 1, 2013

Easter Egg

Dress - H&M, Blazer - Nordstrom Rack, Shoes - JustFab
Even though I spent most of the weekend sick in bed, I mustered up all the energy I had to celebrate Easter in my best spring colorblock look yesterday. I have been wanting to try this outfit for a while, after I saw this pin, and I figured Easter was a great day to try out looking as pastel-y as an Easter egg. I love Easter. I love getting up early, dressing up in my Easter best, seeing the church all decorated in pretty spring flowers, and watching all the adorable kids participating in egg hunts in their Sunday best. It also makes me realize every year that spring is just around the corner, and I do a little happy dance. Although this year, the happy dance made me pass out on the couch from fatigue because of this stupid cold I can't seem to kick.

On the plus side, being in bed all weekend meant I got to catch up on bad movies I've been meaning to watch when I literally have nothing better to do. I was pleasantly surprised by Rock of Ages. I loved every song that was in it and did a horribly hoarse singalong from under my covers as I watched (my poor dog was probably wishing she could cover her ears). I also felt very old for liking/knowing every song in it. I guess I'm truly an 80's baby, except that means I'm far from being a baby anymore. Sigh. I need to find me some Easter candy to cheer myself up immediately.

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Sandra Kracz said...

pretty, pastel colors :)

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