April 23, 2013

I Love Lucy

Dress - ModCloth, Bracelet - Vintage, Pearls - Gifted, Lipstick - Milani
Over the weekend, a dear friend of mine had an "I Love Lucy" themed bridal shower, which is a dream for someone like me who absolutely loves having a chance to play dress up. I already had the dress, since my love for vintage and vintage-inspired wear goes far beyond one party. All I needed were a few finishing "Lucy" touches, like the pearls (of course), the red lipstick, and the petticoat, which I just love. There's something so...Gone With the Wind about a petticoat, even a short one like this, and I'm wondering why women everywhere stopped wearing them. For a curvy girl, they accentuate your waist and expertly cover any "wobbly bits," as Bridget Jones would say. I'm going to try and see if I can figure out ways to wear it more often, although for now, Boyfriend has restricted to allowing me to wear it only in the confines of my own home.

I also tried to do a 50s pin-up makeup look, which was challenging for someone with my skin tone. Luckily (after a lot of Googling), I found a red lipstick that suits Asian coloring, and voila! Instant 50s. I hardly EVER wear red lipstick, but I have to admit that I felt ultra glamorous in it. I might try to figure out a way to incorporate it more into my look. Maybe with the petticoat. While I do the dishes.

Cute centerpieces!

UH-mazing cake...

Cutest party favors...aprons that we wore over our 50s wear.

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