April 3, 2013

To Taupe it Off

Top - F21, Jeans - J-Brand, Booties - Marshall's
I have spent months and months searching for the perfect pair of suede taupe booties. And let me tell you, it was rough out there. Some were too brown, some were too grey. Some were too high, some were too low. Some were too country, some were too city. I almost gave up all hope and wandered the streets in despair. Gosh, life is so hard. But then, salvation came in the form of $16 clearance booties at my local Marshall's. They look a little grayer than they are in the photos, but they are the perfect shade of taupe I was looking for. Whoo hoo! They're also a size too small, but with some Crisco, the jaws of life, and some foot binding, I can wear them. I kid, I kid. They are a tad snug, but they fit well enough for $16!  

Now I want a pair of beige ones...do I dare start the long and discouraging quest again? Yes, I am the queen of First World Problems, I know.

Happy Hump Day, y'all!

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