April 5, 2013

Going Casual

If you're not a stranger to this blog, then you know that I sometimes struggle with dressing casually. I'm just one of those odd girls that feels much more comfortable in a dress and heels than jeans and flats. But every so often, when I'm feeling bold and daring, I try to do the casual thing, and I think to myself..."Wow, so THIS is why so many people go the casual route. I'm so...I'm so...COMFORTABLE." 

I challenged myself this past week to style a T-shirt and with some jeans and flats. It was rough. It was painful. It was stressful. I felt so plain and boring and unaccessorized. Then I realized...I can accessorize! I added this pretty printed scarf and some simple jewelry, and voila! I felt a little bit more like myself. I also love how wearing a scarf in the same color (as opposed to contrasting colors like I usually do) had the cool effect of making the print on the scarf really pop. 

I feel a little like Joan Cusack's adorably tacky character in Working Girl when she tells Melanie Griffith that an elegant, sophisticated black dress "needs some bows or something." I need accessories! Scarves! Bells! Whistles! But I always wonder why I feel like an outfit isn't an outfit if it doesn't have all those additional touches. Am I adorably tacky?! My sister's style is always ultra simple and uncomplicated, and she looks sophisticated and fabulous. 

What about you? Is your look simple and complicated? Or does it needs some bows or something? 

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