January 25, 2011

Snow Leopard

Military Jacket - H&M, Tee- Target, Skirt - F21, Shoes - ModCloth
I didn't even realize when I picked this outfit that this skirt has a "SNOW leopard" print, but how perfect was it that I wore it in the...SNOW? Yes, these are the things I find amusing, people, and yes, I probably definitely need to get out more. Seriously though, I am really digging animal prints these days, and this leopard print, pleated skirt combines two of my favorite current trends. I also love the idea of winterizing something chiffon and summery (Yes, I just made up that word, but I am expecting it to take off any day now), which was a former fashion rule I have been breaking repeatedly this season. I feel so...rebellious and naughty! OK, not really, but I still love the idea of breaking my fashion rules.

Despite how cold it was in the snow in my summery skirt, I love how the wind kept swirling my skirt around!

I picked this military jacket up a year or so ago and love the fact that it's in such a non-military color. Plum is one of my favorite colors...and this jacket has proven to be a great way to brighten up any outfit.

One more snow picture to come later this week ( I love taking photos in the snow!), but unfortunately, I have no more super, ultra-cool snow animal-print-clothing-in-the-snow photos to post. I'm only that cool once in a while.
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