January 10, 2011

Museum Date

Dress - PIKO c/o Paper Doll on Melrose; Belt, Leggings - F21; Booties - Steve Madden c/o Marshalls; Jewelry - Vintage; Bag - ModCloth; Coat - Gifted (Jones New York)
 The boyfriend took me on a bona fide date over the weekend to celebrate both of us feeling better after battling yucky, sniffly, coughy colds all week. Yay! To top it off, the date was a Me Date, not a He Date. Not familiar with the difference? Allow me to illustrate. Fancy dinner at a much-acclaimed restaurant with wine, followed by something yummy and chocolatey, and most importantly accompanied by deep and meaningful conversation = Me Date. Sushi at the same sushi restaurant we go to once-a-week, followed by bowling and beer, with conversation limited to trash talking and bowling lingo = He Date. Most of our dates fall somewhere in between these two, but I'll put this past weekend's in the Me Date column (it makes me feel like I'm winning). Our date included a delicious lunch at a brand new cafe that I'd been wanting to try and checking out the new exhibits at an art museum.

Shirt/tunic dresses are one of my fave wardrobe choices for the curvy girl. They cover the booty and give you some structure, plus you can wear them a bunch of different ways. I decided to wear leggings for warmth and comfort and then opted for my other peep toe booties (I mentioned here how I got them for such a steal!).

I was running out the door when I decided to grab a coat (thank God I did since it was deceptively cold outside).  Without much thought, I grabbed my wool camel coat, one of my absolute faves. Not only did my Dad take me to the store, pick it out and buy it for me for Christmas two years ago (my father NEVER takes me shopping, so it was really cute),  it also practically goes with everything. It's definitely a good thing to invest in, if you're looking for a new winter coat. In fact, I think every girl only needs (and should have) coats in black, gray, and camel. Those three colors will cover you in all situations.

So why do I also own coats in plum, green, khaki, brown, cream, and red? Um, don't ask me such questions. Don't you see what the name of my blog is?!


brightbit said...

that tote is HEAVEN.


KK said...

@brightbit thank you! i love it!

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