January 26, 2011

Standing Tall

Sweater Dress - BB Dakota (old), Boots - Target, Scarf - Gifted from Thailand
I know it's weird, but for some reason, being in the snow makes me want to wear skirts and dresses. What's also weird is that I absolutely abhor the thought of putting on pantyhose for work but am thoroughly excited at the thought of sliding on a fun pair of colored or textured tights. That makes no sense, does it? I know, I am a walking mystery. That's what makes me so odd interesting.

I am a fan of the sweater mini-dress. With tights. It's a good option for the petite and curvy because the short length elongates your legs, but the tights keep you from showing too much skin. Add some boots and, voila, you look at least like half an inch taller than before. Magic.

Oh, and if you put your hair up in a kicky bun like I did, you can probably even give yourself another quarter inch. I felt about 10 feet 5 foot 2 inches tall while walking around in this outfit.  I really shouldn't be dishing you all my secrets, but hey, I'm a giver.

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