March 11, 2011

The White Stuff

Shirt - Vintage, Skirt - F21, Booties F-21, Jewelry - Vintage
For weeks now, I have wanted to wear "winter white." Maybe it's because wearing white in the winter feels so naughty since it breaks that stupid no-white-after-labor-day rule or because I just associate white with fresh, clean snow, but I just love the idea of wearing white in the winter. The gorgeous texture of this skirt makes it a perfect winter to spring transition piece, and I love how flouncy and girly it is. To make things even better, it cost me $12.50 at F21. Sometimes, life is just good.

On another note, I am in LOVE with these vintage front-tie shirts. They remind me of the way my mom dressed when I was a kid, and they seem to be universally flattering on any shape. The bright blue color of this one begged to be worn with something that would make the blue pop, and this skirt did the trick. Another point for winter white!

I wore this outfit to meet one of my fave girlfriends at a champagne bar. Did you read that? A champagne bar. A bar in which all of their drinks are made with at least a little champagne. It was all kinds of awesome for a champagne lover like me. I'll say it again. Sometimes life is just good.

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Liana said...

those shorts are so perfect for spring and summer! i would never be able to wear them probably because i am death on white, i cannot refrain from staining them somehow!

thanks for stopping by my blog!

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