March 29, 2011


Top, Jeans - F21, Booties - Santee Alley, Bracelet c/o ModCloth and vintage
With animal prints being all the rage this season, I know that leopards are really getting their day in the sun. And even though I love me some leopard print (as seen here and here), I find myself gravitating toward more uncommon animal prints these days. You know what I mean, those animal prints that are just not getting as much love as the leopard. I'm just such a sucker for the underdog and all. Enter this shirt in the print of a giraffe! I love giraffes. The print of their coat is beautiful, they have graceful long necks, and they are enviably TALL. Plus they make me think of toys for some reason. Well done, advertising crew at Toys 'R Us. Well done.

I wish that I had taken a better picture of these adorable booties. The heel is a bit atypical, which makes me love them. They are one of two treasures I recently swooped up from "the Alley" in Los Angeles: a haven for inexpensive, yet adorable fashion finds from time to time. Some days I return home from the Alley with absolutely nothing, and some days, like my most recent shopping expedition, I come home an ultra happy camper. I can't wait to pair these booties with those hard-to-match-shoes-to summer outfits and skirts. I have a feeling they'll be delightfully versatile!


clementine said...

while i'm not a big fan of leopard print, i love girrafe!! i've been looking for a shirt with large life-like giraffe print. cute outfit!

p.s. i didn't comment on your earlier post about your over the knee boots, but i thought they looked great on you :) they complimented you very well.

kathy said...

This is a great outfit. I love the giraffe shirt! So pretty yet makes a statement. Love the shoes too.

KK said...

@clementine thanks for the comments! glad you like the giraffe. we can both root for the underdog! :)
@kathy thank you, girl!

Paige Renae said...

The giraffe print look stunning, and I love the cut of the shirt. This outfit is styled just perfectly, the shoes are a great finishing touch! You've gotta love the're right, sometimes I come away with absolutely nothing, but sometimes I'll find a cute handbag or some shoes, total hidden treasures among the loads of stuff down there!
xo, Paige Renae

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