March 18, 2011

Lamb and Tunafish

Blazer, Skirt, Booties - F21, Tank - Target, Bag - Chanel borrowed from mom
Another one of my favorite color combinations is navy blue and magenta. They go together like lamb and tunafish. Or spaghetti and meatball? Are you more comfortable with that analogy? If you get my movie reference with those lines, we should be best friends!

I love this leopard print skirt, last seen HERE. It is so versatile and really goes with all sorts of different colors. Plus the chiffon material and the pleats make it so flouncy and give it such movement that it's just FUN to wear. And I'll say it again, this blog is about making fashion fun!

One of the best things about visiting my parents, besides how much my mother spoils me with her cooking, is being able to pilfer things from my mother's closet. My mother is a TRUE fashionista and has been her entire life. But since she weighs about 95 pounds and is a size zero, I don't get to take advantage of her gorgeous clothes. Instead, I stole this to-die-for Chanel bag. Okay, I didn't really steal it. I asked if I could borrow it and she said yes. Except I might forget to give it back. No, I won't. Yes, I will. No. Maybe. It's a moral dilemma. Isn't it darling?

I wore this outfit to grab dinner with one of my nearest and dearest friends, the always fun and amazingly fashionable Miss L. Dinner turned into a much-overdue and extremely lengthy (we nearly closed the restaurant down!) catchup session full of lots of laughs, great food, and insightful life advice. Sigh. My favorite kind of get together. Thanks, Miss L!

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Anonymous said...

yes i was going to say last night i LOVE the bag! don't worry i won't judge you if you forget to give it back. SO great seeing you - can't wait til you move back here :) xoxoxLL

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