March 1, 2011

Winter Wool

Coat - Old Navy, Skirt - Old Navy clearance ($6!), Tights - We Love Colors, Necklace, Boots, Tee - Target
These flat boots from Target and this totally reasonable wool coat from Old Navy were my two best friends during my NYC trip. I hate taking a lot of luggage on planes because I am a jetsetter. OK, it's actually because I am weak and petite and once had my suitcase hit me in the face as I struggled to get it in an overhead bin. Seriously. I got my butt whooped by my own luggage. Anyway, as a result, I now try to pack pieces that I can easily remix, and these two pieces ended up being extremely remixable. Hopefully you won't get sick of seeing them in multiple outfits this week.

Despite the fact that it was raining and windy as I trekked up and down Fifth Avenue, I opted to wear a skirt, tights and boots, which I contend are actually warmer than wearing jeans. We ended up walking up Fifth Avenue to Central Park and taking these pictures at the fountain right in front of the Fairmont Hotel. I love how it seemed like almost every block in NYC had a great spot for an outfit photo. Plus, no one in NYC seemed to care or flinch when I would stand in random spots posing for outfit photos. No one stared, gawked, pointed at me, or made me feel uncomfortable. Well, except for that one time that I stood outside of Magnolia Bakery practially stuffing an entire red velvet cupcake in my mouth, but I figured I couldn't blame them. It was impressive, I tell you.

Two more NYC photos before I go back to my regular daily outfit photos. Hope everyone survived Monday!

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