April 27, 2011

Lace'n Stripes

Shirt - F21, Skirt - Target, Shoes - F21, Ring - Santee Alley
I absolutely adore this lace skirt that I picked up from Target several months ago, but I have to admit that I have been struggling with how to style it. It's so pretty and girly that I can't help but pair it with my platform mary janes every time I wear it (see HERE), but as for what to wear on top, I keep migrating back to white, black and maybe gray. None of them seem very exciting, right? Then I remembered STRIPES. It's the new neutral! I love how it can usually sub in for a white top with ease, while giving the outfit a little dash of extra pizazz.

I wore this to a much-needed yummy lunch and coffee date with Miss K. We munched on gourmet smoked trout sandwiches (I know it's sounds gross, but it was YUMMY) and my new obsession:  green tea lattes from Starbucks! After lunch and coffee, we stopped in at one of my favorite vintage shops, and I scored three new, well, new to me, gorgeous dresses for a ridiculously low price. Can't wait to style them in the next few weeks!

What are your ideas for styling this skirt? I would love hear your thoughts, since I adore this skirt and would like to wear it as much as possible! It makes me feel feminine and frilly, which is so needed some days!


clementine said...

That skirt is really cute! It's so neutral that I can see any color paried with it really. My first ideas were a purple or a teal/turquoise. The stripes look really good with it too. Maybe even a floral pattern or a vest. I love vests :)

KK said...

Those are all great ideas...I really like the teal idea! I am loving teal this season, so I will have to try that! Thanks! :)

kathy said...

With all of the color blocking going on, any bright solid color would work. I also like the idea of a floral pattern. Do you find that the skirt is too short to be comfortable?

Can't wait to see how you style your new dresses!

Shelby said...

that skirt is really beautiful... i think it looks perfect styled with the simple striped tee. and i love the mary jane heels. great look!! <3shelby


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