July 10, 2012

Birthday Love

Dress - GAP, Shoes - JustFab
For eons and eons now, I have been on the hunt for a white crochet dress that wasn't too clingy, too grandma-ey, too matronly, too bridely, or too see throughy. When I saw this little number, I knew that my search was over. The dress is comfortable, but feminine and chic...not too tight or revealing, but still fun and sexy. I broke out this dress and my new nude SKY high mary janes for my special birthday dinner with Boyfriend, and I was complimented on the dress about four times before we sat down. Granted, I was pretty dressed up for a Thursday night in my small town, and people probably complimented me just because they felt bad that I was teetering around in heels while they rocked flip flops and shorts...but it's a pretty dress, so I'll take the compliments.

Sorry for the bad blogging last week, but the mid-week Fourth of July + my birthday really threw me off schedule. I had the most phenomenal birthday this year. We spent the day with friends at a swanky hotel about 45 minutes away, just lounging at a cabana by the pool, drinking fruity drinks and working on our tans. It was heaven! Then on my actual birthday, Boyfriend took me to a hip (DELICIOUS) new restaurant in town, where I stuffed myself, and then presented me with my birthday present: the rose gold Michael Kors watch that I've been hinting at not-so-subtly for WEEKS. Glad he picked up my hard-to-read clues like, "I really really REALLY want this." He's a keeper!

And the food porn, of COURSE....

Lobster, heirloom tomato, and burrata salad that was seriously fresh and delicious.
Fried chicken with jalapeno and salted watermelon that was the perfect melding of sweet and savory.

Fried prawns with grilled pork belly and warm peaches that was AMAZEBALLS. 


LadyLo said...

that dress is pretty! yea those shoes are what I call "dinner heels" - shoes(mainly sky high heels) you wear b/c know you'll be seated for most of the night ;) xxLL

Missy said...

o.m.g. you're too cute! Happy Belated Birthday! I feel the same way about crochet dress, still on the hunt. I have not made enough rounds at gap to find that. =D

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