July 6, 2012

My Crazy iPhone Life

Hello, my lovelies! I am so so sorry that I have been a terrible blogger this week. Having a holiday in the middle of the week really threw me off , and then I was so busy celebrating MY BIRTHDAY yesterday, that I totally lost track of what day it was. Since Wednesday felt like a Saturday to me, working yesterday felt like working on a Sunday ...and so today is really Monday in my head. No wonder I'm so grumpy!

Anyway, we will be back to regularly scheduled programming next week. I've got some super cute birthday outfits to post (that's right, multiple celebrations means multiple reasons to dress up!), so stay tuned. I also need to debut my new shorter do! In the meantime, I wanted to share with you my crazy iPhone life. I take an insane amount of pictures everyday (Boyfriend HAAATES it), but here's just a few to give you a peek into what I've been up to. If you want more peeks into my life, follow me on Instagram. If you don't want peeks into my life, I'm really sorry about this post!

Heading to San Francisco this weekend to sing at my dear, dear friend's wedding ceremony. Pray that I don't flub the words or miss the notes. Wish me luck! Have a great weekend, loves!


and so it goes.... said...

Beautiful photos! Love them all!


LadyLo said...

Fun photos - i'm loving the heels, dimsum, foie gras...not necessarily in that order! :P xxLL

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