April 11, 2013

Wine, Dine and More Wine

Sweater - F21, Dress, Boots - ModCloth
Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to meet up with some friends in Napa for some delicious wine tasting, some good eats, and some fabulous company. After a few tastings, I tried not to fall over since I'm a lightweight to take outfit photos and just loved the gorgeous scenery that you find all over Napa Valley. I particularly love the clouds rolling off in the background after the rain cleared up and the sunshine came out.

With spring weather (finally!) upon us, I couldnt' resist breaking out a dress...and a springy, floral dress at that. To tone down the girly, I went with a grandpa sweater and my fave lace-up boots to complete the look. I love combining frilly and casual pieces to balance things out. Plus, the dress (with an elastic waist) proved to be the perfect complement to a day that was spent gorging on Ad Hoc fried chicken, creamy cheeses, meats, wines, more wines, and then more wines. Kudos to the Boyfriend for being able to take these pictures with a steady hand after drinking. The ability to take drunken outfit photos is one of my prerequisites for a man. What a keeper.


Rachel Ridings said...

That dress! So cute!


Z said...

photos are all so gorgeous! love the spring-y dress. :]

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