February 18, 2011

Wrap It Up

Dress - Banana Republic, Boots - Nine West, Necklace - handmade, Bracelet, Ring - Vintage
I attended a fundraising dinner this week for a non-profit organization I volunteer with and struggled with what I should wear. I knew most people would be wearing suits, but I only wear a suit if my job ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, ABSOTIVELY requires it (upon punishment of death or extreme pain or chocolate deprivation). In case I'm being too subtle, I haaaate wearing suits. Which is funny, since my job actually requires me to wear one fairly often. Good career choice, KK. Anyway, since the dinner wasn't one of those wear-a-suit-or-be-fired situations, I opted instead for a monochrome wrap dress I picked up recently. With a fitted black knee-length coat (not pictured), it proved to be the perfect alternative to a boring old suit.

I had never tried on a wrap dress until a few weeks ago because I always thought I would look goofy in them, but then I saw Kendi try one and tell me they were universally flattering. And since Kendi is always right (and always adorably dressed), I tried one myself. And I'm in love! Wrap dresses hug in all the right places and are so comfortable that you can eat a seven-course fundraising dinner without having to pop a button. My kind of dress! Since I can never resist adding a pop of color, I added a bright orange necklace I made last year. I kind of wished I could have worn a multi-strand green or turquoise necklace with the dress but didn't have one. Time to go shopping . . . :)

I have had a really rough week, so I am looking forward to some retail therapy and good eats this weekend to put it all behind me. Plus, I'm getting ready for a mini-vacay to NYC next week! Can't wait to put my cold weather fashion creativity to the test. Hope you guys all have a great three-day weekend!


Jessica said...

Cute dress! I'm always scared of wearing wrap dresses too, but it looks great on you!

KK said...

Thanks for your comments! You should try the wrap dress too! It's so comfy. :)

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