February 8, 2011

You'd Better Work

Trench - H&M, Tee - F21, Necklace - Target, Slacks - Banana Republic, Bag - ModCloth, Shoes - Anne Klein
So I decided to try something a little new this week and post an actual work outfit. I went back and forth about whether I wanted to post work clothes on this blog...namely because I whine and complain about how I hate dressing for my fashion-starved corporate job and I think my outfits for work are pretty boring. Buuuuuut, on the other hand, I'm sure you guys realized that I was not going nude Monday through Friday and therefore might be curious what I look like during the week. Aaaaand I know that a lot of you have jobs like mine, and I thought maybe we could inspire each other to try and spice up corporate America a little bit. Who's with me? Are you with me? I'm just going to pretend that you are. It's a little perk of one-sided blog conversations.

Even though my job doesn't allow me to truly express my desire to be creative with my outfits, I do  try to add a little fun in with some funky jewelry or some actual color. You would be horrified/amazed at the lack of color I see at my office every day. I actually bought this necklace to wear with non-work outfits, but I've started throwing it into my work outfits too. I love when I can crossover nonwork items to workdays. Not ony does it expand my work wardrobe, but it gives me a teeny bit of satisfaction when I feel like I'm sneaking a bit of flava (yes, flava, not flavor) into my corporate wear.

I adore this trenchcoat, by the way. I searched for a trench I liked for a long (long, long) time, with no luck. I don't care what stylists say about the belted trench being a curvy girl's best friend. It's simply not so if the curvy girl also has a little booty because the bottom of the trench flares out unflatteringly when you cinch the waist. So when I found this sort of modified, untraditional trench at H&M (marked 40% off!) with no belt, I was thrilled! It does not accentuate my booty and still gives me the style I was looking for in a trenchcoat.

So, I hope you like my work outfit post. If you like it, I'll try to post work outfits more regularly. If you don't, I will cry. Just kidding. I have a much thicker skin than that. I will probably only tear up a little.

P.S. Super sorry about the quality of these photos, by the way. Winds were blowing at 40 mph as I tried to take these, so most of them came out terribly. To prove it, check out my hair in the bottom pic!


Tia said...

Can I just say that you are the cauutest thing!! I love your outfit choices and the way you put them together is great! Don't let your work hold you back from expressing your individuality! We are all unique so why should our style be any different! Afterall, your style does represent who you are! :) Keep it up, chick, I think you're doing great!

KK said...

Aw, girl...this comment just completely made my day...make that my week! :)

The Pretty Life Anonymous said...

so so classy! what a BABE!

KK said...

@prettylife haha...aw, thanks! that means a lot to me, coming from classy babes like youselves! :)

Jessica said...

Those pants are so cute!! They look great on you.

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