February 22, 2011

Classic Combo

Blazer - Macy's, Tee - Target, Booties - Steve Madden, Scarf - H&M, Bag - ModCloth
There is something about the blazer and jeans combo that keeps it from ever going out of style. I swear, I remember even Jesse Spano wearing skintight acid-washed (ew) jeans with navy blazer in many an episode of Saved by the Bell. Not that she was my SBTB fashion icon. I much preferred Kelly Kapowski, with her floral shorts and florescent pink tee shirts knotted at the waist. And could Kelly rock a bright colored scrunchie or what? But I digress...in a most embarassing way. While I'm glad that the acid-washed jeans trend might have fallen off along the way (and full disclosure here, I owned my fair share of acid-washed jeans in elementary school and middle school), I'm glad that blazer-jeans-combo trend isn't going anywhere. There's just something so simple and classic about it.

A nice, black blazer is another piece that I think every girl ought to have in her closet. It's just so versatile and necessary. It can be thrown on over a loose tee and jeans or over a dress and it instantly makes the outfit look polished.

I love three-day weekends, but my next week is always thrown off by being so short. I can't believe I'm leaving for my mini-vacay to NYC the day after tomorrow, and I have not even begun thinking about what to pack! Luckily, NYC has warmed up to a balmy 41 degrees for my trip (*gulp*). I am trying to brainstorm ideas for outfits that are cute but warm and go with comfortable walking shoes (what's that?). It's like Mission Impossible, isn't it?? If you have any tips....please, pass them along!


Liana said...

ooh i love this outfit! i agree, a blazer and jeans never goes out of style..haha and i always like kelly too! jessie was kinda annoying sometimes :P
thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Fashion Bag 411

Stylepint said...

Blazers are awesome staples and you look great with the colorful scarf! I need to find one that suits me. =)

Anonymous said...

You look really adorable on this look.
My fave is your shawl and brown shoes <3 It makes you chic and gorgeous here..

♥ sugarpuff ♥
Pinkie Anggia ☺

KK said...

@liana haha, I know! Jessie was totally annoying. and I love your blog! thanks for stopping by mine!

@Stylepint That scarf has saved so many of my outfits from being boring. Can I suggest burnt orange for a scarf choice? I am obsessed with orange lately and just bought one that I love!

@sugarpuff Thank you, girl! Glad you love the shoes. My boyfriend haaaates them. :)

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