February 28, 2011

I Love NY!

Cardigan, jeans - F21, Tee - Old Navy, Boots - Target, Bracelet - ModCloth
I'm baaaaack! Just finished my mini-vacay to NYC, and I can't say strongly enough how much I LOVE that city! I actually grew up out there when I was a kid, but for some reason, I just remember the city being scary when I was little. Probably because NYC was a bit scary when I was little (in the 1980s). But as an adult...it felt like a gigantic playground! My favorite thing about the city is that it stays open so late, something that I miss terribly now that I live in a small town that literally is asleep by 10 p.m. Anyway, I had four days of pure vacation bliss, filled with shopping, eating, meeting up with friends I hadn't seen in forever, more eating, and a LOT of walking. I seriously have shin splints. How sad is that? I'm pretty sure the New Yorkers realized I wasn't a local when I was hobbling around Fifth Avenue on my last night, gripping the boyfriend's arm for support. I actually contemplated NOT getting off the subway at my stop once, just so I could sit down for a little longer. OK, I just went from sad to pathetic. Please don't judge me.

This is what I wore for my redye flight to NYC and my first day there after having only slept one hour. I actually wore sweatpants on the plane and changed right before we landed. Smartest travel decision I ever made. I was so comfortable! I opted to wear yellow because I knew the weather was going to be so dreary in NYC and I've mentioned before that I break out bright colors when the day is gray. I kind of stuck out like a sore thumb though...most of the New Yorkers were definitely sticking to neutrals for the winter season. It seemed everyone was bundled in black, camel, or gray.

This is what I wore over my outfit since it was pretty chilly!
 This week's posts will be dedicated to a lot of my trip to NYC, since I didn't have a chance to blog when I was there. I did a lot of remixing because I didn't want to bring too much on the trip. OK, actually I didn't want to bring too much so that I would have room in my suitcase for all the shopping I wanted to do. Anyway, you'll see how I tried to be creative with only one warm coat and pair of boots. Now, please excuse me, I must go ice my shin splints. Sad --> pathetic --> ridiculous. I know. I hang my head in shame.

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