August 1, 2011

Black, White and Red All Over

Skirt, Shoes - F21, Top - LoveStory, Bag - Gucci, gifted from mom
When I was in elementary school, I used to be obsessed with this ridiculously cheesy book series about four best friends. As much as I liked reading about the shenanigans these four fifth-grade girls got into, I always remember my favorite part about the book was hearing the description of the cute little outfits they would be wearing. I used to sketch what I imagined the outfits described would look like and marvel at the what I thought were cool styles at the time. I remember one of the girls (my fave one) had long curly black hair and only wore clothes in the color combination of red, black, and white every day. I remember thinking back then that this girl was incredibly cool, with her very own signature color combination. And while I've since changed my mind about the coolness of wearing the same three colors day in and day out (yuck!), I have to admit that the red-black-and-white color combo does still rock.

I am having the greatest time in LA, catching up with family, eating great food, and of course, shopping. I have picked up some amazing vintage dresses that I can't wait to style in the upcoming weeks, plus, I asked my mother to alter a pile of vintage clothes I've been dying to wear but can't because I have no idea how to sew. I also went shopping in my mother's closet, stealing accepting this gorgeous brand new Gucci bag she received as a gift but didn't want, a vintage buttery leather clutch she doesn't use anymore, and other great finds. Hm. Rereading this paragraph makes me sound like a terrible daughter. I have nothing to say to support your thinking otherwise, I just wanted to point out that I can imagine what you're thinking but am choosing to ignore it. Happy Monday!

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clementine* said...

haha, girl talk! i swear though they were in the 6th grade. her room was also decorated in that color scheme. i wonder if she ever blended in like waldo.

i still love that skirt :)

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