August 18, 2011

Summer Blues

Hat - Target (Men's), Dress - Macy's, Cuff - ModCloth
I feel like fashion bloggers across the board are talking lately about how they can't wait for fall and the fashions that come with the upcoming season. Uh, am I the only one who is dying to make summer last just a little longer? I started hyperventilating the other day because I noticed that the sun set just a little earlier than it had a few weeks ago. OK, so it might have also had something to do with the fact that my DVR somehow accidentally erased an episode of Pretty Little Liars. Don't judge. But anyway, I love summer fashions. I love bright colors and light and flowy fabrics...not to mention sandals and sundresses! I just love how in the summer you can throw on a dress and a hat and "BAM!" you're ready to go. I think I'm going to start saying "BAM!" when I'm done getting dressed. Maybe I'll even add a fist pump to it. Yeah, the bf is reading this over my shoulder and shaking his head violently "no." I guess not. Such a party pooper.

Seriously though, how cute is this precious little chambray dress? I bought it in the wintertime and wore it like this during colder temperatures. Don't you agree that the summer outfit is much cuter than the winter outfit? Come on, summer, hang on a little longer. I have rompers and dresses and sandals (oh, my!) that I need to wear before you leave!

What's your favorite fashion season? Are you ready for summer to be over (tear)?


Jenn said...

I can see why you're fond of summer. If it's always full of cute dresses like the one you're wearing, then summer should be allowed to stick around longer. But then there are those days where it doesn't matter what you wear that still causes you to melt. You look adorable, though! And that bracelet is very cute!

clementine* said...

I like fall and spring because I like layering and wearing cardigans. Also it's terribly hot in the desert and it doesn't give me as many options as cooler weather. Although technically we have two kinds of weather... hot and cold. We're lucky if we get an inbetween.

KK said...

@jenn You are so right about there being some days where it's too hot to care about what you wear. And thanks! I love the bracelet too!
@clementine I do love me some cardigans! And yes, the desert is rough. My friend wants me to take a trip to Palm Springs, but I am holding off for cooler temperatures!

Olivia said...

I love this dress- the braided T-back is just a lovely detail and the hat completes your look perfectly.

I love summer, but I really like I'm ready for layering and jackets again (impossible in NYC August humidity).

Love your blog & now following. Hope you can check mine out @


Esonia said...

I love everything about this outfit! I love denim dresses because you can dress them up or down. Love the hat!!! Work it mama!!!

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