August 8, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

Dress - c/o Marshalls, Belt - Vintage, Earrings - Saks (gifted), Bag - Soho street vendor
If you look through the clothes in my closet, you will definitely find a serious rainbow of colors. If you're not new to this blog, then you know that I love pinks, reds, blues, yellows, ORANGES, and neutrals. But for some reason, I have almost NO green clothing. I'm not sure why that is. I love green. It's the color of nature. It's the color of limes. It's the color of money. All things I love. But for some reason, I don't buy green clothes. Maybe it's because vegetables are green, and yes, I'll admit, I hate vegetables. (I'm working on that, I promise, Mom). But I decided I needed to remedy this dearth of green right away, and this simple but sweet green dress fit the bill nicely. I love the crocheted back and the bright color. I paired it with wedges and a vintage gold coin belt and felt a little bit like a Greek goddess in it. Also a little bit like a piece of broccoli. But more like a Greek goddess. Well, maybe like Greek broccoli.

I am LOVING these new bone-colored wedges! I love how they are a bit more exciting than your average neutral shoe and give the outfit a bit of an edge. I plan on wearing them with a lot of different upcoming outfits, so I hope you like them too.


FrillsandRuffles said...

I love it! This outfit the two trends I've been looking for - beautiful turquoise color and crochet!

clementine* said...

i love green. i find myself wearing it a lot. it just happens, i dont even think about it.

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