June 14, 2012

Maxi Mexico!

Maxi - Target, Necklace - F21
I'm baaaack! Back from a few days in Cabo and I've got a wicked sunburn to show for it. I always forget about how hot the sun can get when you head south and end up paying the price for it later. Nonetheless, I had a fantastic time working on my tan, relaxing and laughing with some girlfriends, chowing down on buckets of chips and guacamole, and sipping on some delicious tequila and rum drinks. I have some posts planned to document my short trip there, but this is the first night I arrived.

I took these photos after I had been traveling nearly all day, and I promise you, nothing is more comfortable to travel in than a cute, brightly colored maxi dress. Here's the thing with maxi dresses...they're like pajamas, but if you buy them in the right color, no one would think of them as pajamas. It's a little-known secret that I'm now sharing with you. This puppy's got nothing to take on or off through airport security, is comfy and stretchy for naps on the plane, and basically covers everything so that you don't have to worry whether hours of traveling is causing your skin to turn ashy. And you look chic to boot if you throw on a bright contrasting necklace. Perfect traveling outfit? I think so.

These were taken off the lobby of the great resort we stayed at in Cabo. Everything was so open and airy, and they were pumping some weird mint scented aromatherapy through all the air vents. Made me want to strip down, close my eyes, and wait for a massage. I didn't though. I don't speak Spanish and am not sure what the laws are down there on public nudity.

A few pics of our first night, including my amazing lobster and prawns meal! 

Bulldog - Part Tequila, Part, Lemonade, Part Corona, Part Mexican waiter doing a little hip shaking as he served it to me. All parts delicious and fun. 
Two lobster tails and four jumbo prawns for 260.....pesos! (20 dollars). Delicious.

The impressive tequila selection at Walmart in Cabo. Yes, even Cabo has a Walmart. In fact, I think it had two. 


1smileygirl said...

That dress is super cute on you. Did have to get it hemmed??

KK said...

@1smileygirl Oh my gosh, YES. I think I had to chop like a foot off. It's the one thing I hate about maxis.

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