June 7, 2012

Time to Take a Napa

Jacket - GAP, Dress - Banana Republic, Necklace - DIY 
Sometimes, life gets so busy that I don't get to truly enjoy the fun parts of living in Northern California until a guest from out of town comes to visit and I feel compelled to show them a good time. I live so close to Napa Valley, and yet I rarely make plans to go. I don't know why I always forget about it. Wine? Good. Cheese? Super good. Amazing culinary treats? Always good. Designated driver because the Boyfriend doesn't drink wine? AMAZING. I couldn't resist rocking my favorite maxi dress (last seen HERE) with my DIY bright beaded necklace. I am so into maxi dresses lately, it's like I don't have legs. That sentence made more sense in my head, I swear. 

Sorry I have been so slow to post, but things have been a bit crazed. Work has kept me hopping for the past two weeks, and now I'm busily getting ready for a quick mini-trip to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate a bachelorette party for one of my girls. I am SO looking forward to sipping on some margaritas and relaxing on the beach while I forget about work for a couple of days. I'm a little scared about unplugging for the next three days though (three days and no iPhone?!), but I think it will be good for me. Or torturous. Either ways...see you back here when I get back, loves...Adios! 

Food porn coming up...all taken at OxBow Market 

Delicious flavored gourmet olive oils!

Fresh pasta, wrapped in these adorable packages.

Fresh crab tacos.

Duck tacos.

Delicious cilantro chicken that Boyfriend ate all by himself.


LadyLo said...

love the pattern on the dress! but dayummm that chicken!! I'm salivating looking at my computer screen, yo!!

cindy said...

This whole outfit looks great! So breezy. <3

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