June 1, 2012


Top - Marshall's, Skirt - Nordstrom, Heels - Zara, Belt - F21, Ring - ModCloth
I told you that I can not stop wearing these heels. They just seem to go with everything...and they give any outfit I wear a little extra kick. I don't know what it is about wearing a fun pair of heels that sort of changes your whole attitude, but I have to say...I feel pretty fierce in these babies. And by fierce, I mean that I will toss my hair slightly more times than I usually do. Fierce.

This weekend, we'll be spending some time in SF with some friends, grubbing on some delicious food and checking out a few vintage and antique shops. I am dying for a vintage bar cart like the one Don Draper has in his office at work. I'd also like to have a sofa in my office that I'm allowed/expected to take naps on mid-day, but I'll settle for the bar cart for now.

Have a great weekend!


LadyLo said...

Those heels are killer!

addicted2Etsy said...

very pretty, super cute heels. I'm loving your blog and lol when I read your blog name...it makes me happy too.

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