June 22, 2012


Romper, Belt - F21, Sandals - Aeropostale, Watch - Frock Candy
I would like to go on record as saying that there are few things more comfortable to wear than a loose romper like this one. Or as I like to call it, an adult onesie. I mean, there is a reason why we put little toddlers who sleep all day in onesies. They are basically pajamas that you can wear out. Can you think of anything more genius? The great part is, if you get it in a sophisticated color (basic black being easiest) and throw on a few accessories, you can still look extremely chic, and no one will be the wiser that you're walking around in a pajama onesie.

You've seen me rock this particular one HERE and HERE. I opted for a more casual look this time, with a loose skinny belt hung on the hips of the romper, instead of around the waist. The result was that I was extremely comfy but got tons of compliments on the look. I also fell asleep a lot because my body thought I was wearing pajamas, but it was cool.

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