June 18, 2012

Pink Kitty

Top - F21, Skirt - LC, Necklace - ModCloth, Sandals - Aerpostale
Something about being on vacation in Mexico just made me want to dress in bright colors every day, so my colorblocking skills really got quite the workout while I was there. I discovered that the color mint pretty much goes with EVERYTHING and serves to make the corresponding color pop, so it's now my favorite color for the summer season. I encourage you to buy a mint top if you don't have one already. It goes with coral, red, hot pink, cobalt blue, even mustard. I already know I'm going to be pairing this tank with all sorts of fun colored bottoms for the next few months, so I hope you get used to seeing this top over and over. And over. Seriously.

I had meant to rock this skirt (last seen HERE) with some fun heels, but once I realized how much walking I had to do in Cabo just to get to dinner, I opted for flat sandals instead. This photo was taken after a day of beaching it in a private cabana all day, where we were showered with butler service and massages which felt so decadent and luxurious, and we finished the night off with some delicious Mexican fare, drinks, and dancing at the Pink Kitty. Yes. It was called the Pink Kitty, I am not making that up.

The cabana...
This cabana was so comfortable (equipped with a memory foam mattress and soft pillows).

We would watch a beautiful wedding happen right in front of us later this day. 

And the food, of course....

SUCH delicious guacamole. I must have ingested about a gallon of guacamole during my stay in Cabo.

Fresh ceviche with shrimp.

Yellowtail sashimi with strawberries and habanero chilis.

Fresh mahi mahi with a cilantro cream glaze. 
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