June 3, 2011

Blazer of Glory

Jacket - Ann Taylor, Dress - F21, Shoes - Lucky c/o ModCloth
 So this post is dedicated to Kristen Wiig and Kendi of Kendi Everyday, two other girls who are fans of the blazer-dress combo. Kendi mentioned in this post last week that she loved how Kristen was constantly sporting a blazer with a dress in the movie "Bridesmaids" (a look I also loved!) but that some girl in the movie theater complained that she didn't like that style. Como say what? What's not to like? I'm a huge fan of the look. I like how a little blazer can tone down the femininity of a girly dress but still make the outfit look polished and structured. I guess this is just further proof that fashion is subjective and individualized. Or that that girl in the movie theater with Kendi was dumb. Just kidding.


Am I wearing these shoes too much? I just can't seem to get my feet out of them. I cook in them, I sleep in them. OK, not really. But I would if I could. Honestly, I adore them, and I can't stop wearing them because they really seem to go with everything. They're cute and comfortable, which is perfect for a girl like me who wears heels incessantly. Let me know if you're getting sick of seeing them, but hopefully you like them as much as I do!

The weather has turned odd and scary in my neck of the woods recently. It's suddenly chilly with thunderstorms, rain and tornado warnings (What?!). So I'm planning on spending the weekend cuddled up at home, watching movies, eating takeout, and planning out my outfits for a trip to Hawaii next week! I LOVE Hawaii, so I can not wait to leave behind this dreary weather for the sunny skies and beaches of Oahu. It will be so nice to actually NOT have to pack a jacket. Yes, it's the little things that please me. Have a great weekend!


clementine* said...

i love that look too! it gives a very casual dress a formal and professional twist. i just saw that movie this week.

Kendi Lea said...

I can't speak for Kristen Wiig, but I can speak for me when I say I love me some dresses + blazers! Love the denim blazer, too!

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