June 23, 2011

A Real Outfit Post

Ta-da! Here is my one post with real outfit photos from my trip to Hawaii. I swear to you, I tried to take more, but like I said, we seemed to always be running out the door everyday (that's what happens when you are maximizing your beach time and constantly late for dinner plans), and outfit photos weren't really an option. Speaking of which, I hope you will excuse the wet, undone hair and minimal makeup in these photos. Hawaii isn't really the place for overdone tresses or faces, and I didn't have time to get to all that anyhow. Hopefully you can just focus on my outfit and glorious "Magda" tan.  

The maxi dress is an absolute must for a vacation to Waikiki, in my opinion. It's the perfect nighttime outfit because it's summery and cool, and yet covers your legs (whether you've got a bad sunburn or you need shielding from the tropical rains that were so frequent at night) and looks a bit more polished than your typical daytime summer dress. Pop on a bright colored cuff and a bright flower for your hair, and you are Hawaii nighttime ready!

Waikiki on Oahu actually has a vibrant nightlife, unlike a lot of the other islands' cities. We spent our nights eating at delicious local eateries and walking around Kalakaua Avenue, where shops, street vendors, entertainers, and tourists abound. There were so many people walking around until nearly midnight every night that I swear it almost felt like Vegas at times. I loved walking around at night in 75 degree weather, people watching, shopping (of course) and just breathing in the scent of the fresh plumeria blooming on the trees and the ocean breeze. But we liked to end our nights by taking our shoes off, walking along the cool sand of Waikiki and dipping our toes in the water under the moonlight. Yes, I know that sounds almost unbelievably romantic and picturesque, but it's the truth. OK, so we also ended up sometimes splashing each other and might have had a couple of sand kicking fights too. We're romantic, but we're no 1980s John Hughes movie.

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