June 29, 2011

Pass the Mustard

Tank - Target, Shorts - Old Navy, Shoes - Steve Madden, Bracelets - Vintage & ModCloth
I told you the heels would be back soon, and there they are! I knew I wouldn't be able to stay a shorty for too long. I mean, the view is just so different at 5'1". I felt like I was starting to miss out on a whole lot of goings on up there at the 5'5" viewpoint.

I have searched high and low for the past several months for the perfect pair of mustardy yellow shorts. They had to be just the right shade, fit, and style. Isn't it so difficult to shop when you know exactly what you're looking for? It always feels like there are tons of things to buy when you're not looking, but as soon as you're looking specifically for something, it's as hard to find as meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. (If you get that reference, we should be friends). I actually bought and returned several pairs of shorts before I found this pair at Old Navy of all places. I haven't been to an Old Navy in ages, but I was looking for cheap flip-flops one day and there these shorts were. I'm loving bright colors for spring and summer and can't wait to see all the different ways I can wear my new fave pair of shorts.

What do you think of colored shorts this season?


La Fille D'or said...

I like this outfit you look great!- And I'm really liking colored shorts. I'm trying to find a cute pair in red : )

Shoeperwoman said...

I LOVE colored short shorts, and that mustard shade is one of my favourites at the moment: I just bought a pair of shoes that colour and now I've decided I need more mustard in my life. And I totally know how you feel about the heels - I feel like a completely different person in flats!

cindy said...

i, too, feel the huge difference between 5'1" and 5'5" - it's a whole different world! you have to squat further down for the toilet and other stuff easier to reach...lol! love the outfit and the mustard shorts - can't believe you found them at old navy!

clementine* said...

i've been wanting that mustard "curry" skirt from modcloth but i don't know if i can pull off the yellow, but i think it's a great color and your outfit kills!

KK said...

@La Fille D'Or OMG, red shorts sound great! I may have to add that to my wish list as well!
@Shoeperwoman I'm so glad you love mustard too, I'm becoming obsessed.
@cindy OMG, your comment about the toilet and other stuff made me LOL because it. is. so. true! LOVE that you are my sister in the petite club!
@clementine I didn't think I could pull off yellow either, but I was surprised. You should definitely try it.

Anonymous said...

love this look! your bag is my favourite <3

XO Sahra

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