June 16, 2011

Being Catty

Top - F21, Skirt - ModCloth, Shoes - Steve Madden
As much as I love animal prints, I do think that they can be tricky to pull off. So many of the animal print pieces out there can look a bit tawdry if worn the wrong way. I'm always wary of wearing it if it's too tight or too bright or furry. Animal print that is any of those things can look terrible on a curvy girl, so I'm pretty selective about the pieces I look for. That's why I LOVE this printed ModCloth skirt. It's so rare that I find an animal print skirt that is cute and girly, rather than tough and edgy, and I just love the bow belt.

I have been dying to wear this skirt with a bright magenta top for months now, ever since I saw Jessica over on What I Wore wear one last year. I love how the colors play off each other, and make the outfit appropriate for day or for night. I'm excited to pair this skirt with some other unexpected colors as well, like teal or royal blue in the future.

How do you wear your animal prints? Do you usually wear them during the day, or reserve them for nighttime? Do you think there's a wrong way to wear animal print?


Michelle Lee said...

amazing outfit :)


Stylepint said...

Love the outfit! I think I'm the same way with animal print...I'm still adjusting to how it can look on me. =)

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