June 10, 2011

True Blue

Dress - Vintage, Jewelry - Vintage, Shoes, Lucky c/o ModCloth, Belt - F21
I picked up this vintage dress recently, and one of my favorite things about it is that it didn't need to be altered! So many of the vintage dresses I pick up need to be shortened because I am extremely vertically challenged (and apparently people were giants 40 years ago). I swear I spend more money on alterations then I can stand sometimes, so finding a piece that doesn't need to be fixed is a major coup for me. But in addition to the lack of alterations that were needed, I love the deep blue color and the luxurious texture of this dress, not to mention the Mandarin collar and drapey sleeves. I know I've said this before, but there is just something so magical about wearing vintage. It's like you're wearing history, and you just feel like you need to go do something glamorous and special while you're wearing it. I didn't, of course. Unless you count grabbing sandwiches and running errands glamorous. Well, we did get dijon mustard on the sandwiches instead of regular mustard. Yep, my life is just that exciting sometimes.

I have several more vintage pieces that I can't wait to style but they're...you guessed it...being altered. I swear I should invest in some sewing lessons and a sewing machine and call it a day. I'd probably save millions. Or tens. But I have to confess, I'm just slightly afraid of the sewing machine. My mother was a fashion designer, so she bought me one of those toy sewing machines when I was a kid. It scared me to death, especially when I nearly sewed my finger into a scrap of fabric once (maybe three times). I'd like to tell you that I became more graceful and less accident-prone with age, but that would be a huge lie. Sigh. Short and clumsy. I am an alterations shop's dream come true.


clementine* said...

Ohhh love that dress! the color is so vibrant! i love how you styled it. it would be great in cold months too i bet.

Girl about town.... said...

Love your dress! The colour is beautiful on you and I love the belt and shoes!!

Have a great day darling. Love your hair like that!

Girl about Town XxX

cindy said...

you really find the best vintage dresses. fits perfectly and looks amazing on your! loveit!

KK said...

Thank you, thank you, ladies!

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