June 2, 2011

A Whole New Skirt

Top - Ann Taylor, Skirt - frenchi c/o Nordstrom, Necklace - c/o Chantel on Melrose
 With all of the love that I have been giving floral prints out there, I have been forgetting to spread some love to my other great printed wear these days. Shame on me. I like to make sure and love my clothes equally and not play favorites. They fight, you know. Anyway, I've had this skirt for a while now but forgot about it, namely because I always felt like I had to wear it with black or white, which got boring. But with all my desire to wear color these days, I tried pairing it with a bright colored top instead, and I loved the result! All of a sudden the skirt feels fresh and springy, and I can't wait to try pairing it with other bright colors. I realize that any color will really work with this skirt. I was so smart to buy it, even if I didn't realize how smart I was until now.

This outfit made me really feel as if I just bought a brand new skirt....but for free! Don't you love it when you can go shopping in your closet and find a new favorite in an old piece of clothing you may have forgotten about or cast aside after a couple of wears? This week I challenge you to go to your closets and try to find one item of clothing that you might be neglecting. Try styling it with something completely different than what you're used to and see if you can freshen up that piece! Shopping in your closet is smart and free and FUN...let me know what you come up with!

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